What to Expect

Intake Appointment

Dr. Sedlak will conduct an intake interview with the patient (and family/guardians as appropriate) to learn more about the patient and explain the diagnostic evaluation process. This usually takes place virtually via HIPAA-compliant videoconference platform (through Jane.app, the EHR system), though this may occur in person, depending on the presenting referral question.

Testing Appointment

Testing appointments will be conducted in person with Dr. Sedlak. Testing involves a series of short (5-10 minute) “brain-game” tasks such as puzzles or word games that assess various areas of thinking, including language, visuospatial, attention/processing speed, memory, executive functioning, mood, and personality. Testing usually lasts 3-5 hours and is completed in one appointment, though certain assessments may take longer or be split into multiple appointments.

Scoring and Analysis

After the test administration, Dr. Sedlak will score, analyze, and interpret the assessment results. Dr. Sedlak considers the unique patient presentation, assessment findings, historical and current context, and often consults with additional members of the patient’s family and other treating providers (e.g., spouse, parents, therapist, PCP, etc.).

Feedback Meeting

During the feedback meeting, which is usually virtual, Dr. Sedlak will explain the results, conclusions, and recommendations for next steps. Plenty of time is reserved to answer questions. A written report summarizing this information is provided to the patient/family after the conclusion of the feedback session. This report is also shared with the referring provider and any other provider the patient chooses.

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