Dr. Samantha Sedlak provides forensic evaluations, risk assessments, worker’s comp evaluations, and expert witness testimony. She is particularly interested in working with juveniles and young adults and considers juvenile neurocognitive development an area of expertise.  She completed her doctoral dissertation on the impact of changes in LWOP sentencing guidelines on juvenile offenders.  Since then, she has consulted on several cases affected by these changes, as well as several other death penalty mitigation cases in which she was qualified as an expert witness and testified.  Dr. Sedlak is also well-versed in conducting competency to stand trial, psychosexual risk assessment, and criminal responsibility cases.  Civilly, she brings her expertise to cases such as personal injury, worker’s comp/disability, fitness for duty, and other cases requiring independent medical evaluations (IMEs).  She has worked with attorneys across the state and is able and willing to travel as needed.  

Dr. Sedlak’s fee for forensic cases is $350/hour for all services (including travel, waiting time, court preparation, testimony, etc.).  For most cases, she requires a 10-hour retainer ($3500); services are then billed in 15-minute increments after the initial 10 hours.  A smaller retainer may be considered for consultation services.  Clients are responsible for any additional costs that may be incurred, such as photocopying or mailing costs.  Additional information is available upon request.

Forensic evaluations and related services include, but are not limited to:

  • Competency to Proceed
  • Psychosexual/Sex Offender Evaluation
  • Mitigation/Diminished Capacity
  • Fitness for Duty/Return to Work
  • Worker’s Comp/Disability
  • Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)
  • Case review/consultation

Ready to Book a Consultation?

Before scheduling a full evaluation, Dr. Sedlak offers free, 15-minute phone consultations to answer your questions and ensure she can meet your needs.  You can book a consultation online by clicking on button below and following the instructions to book an appointment.  This Patient Portal Help Guide also provides step-by-step instructions. 

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